Don’t Always Push Too Hard

Americans love setting goals. And like any ambitious, high achiever, we set goals and then work hard, saying yes to doing whatever it will take to achieve. But then something happens during the process and suddenly what once felt great and provided results, has now proven that you will have to work a lot harder [...]

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How Talking About Your Own Mental Health Normalizes the Struggle & Empowers Others

At the end of June, Madalyn Parker, a web developer, emailed her boss to say she would be taking two days off from work to focus on her mental health. Her boss emailed her back to thank her for her candor, and the woman posted the exchange to Twitter. Now it’s been retweeted over 15,000 [...]

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7 Exercises for Toned Arms

Get your body in shape, feel good doing it, and gain strength and confidence! Let's tone those arms! I've got some moves using weights, but don't worry, they won't bulk you up. But they will get your arms longer, leaner, and ready to bare as the weather continues to heat up. Best of all, most [...]

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Knowing When to Let Go

We all talk a lot about perseverance, commitment, certainly not quitting, and never giving up on people. Those concepts are all critical, of course, but like anything else, something positive in a different context can actually become a liability. What I’m thinking about specifically is knowing when and how to let someone or something go [...]

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Make an Appointment with Yourself to be Lazy

I’m going to make a counter-intuitive suggestion: make an appointment with yourself to be lazy. What? Aren’t appointments all about setting aside time to *do* things, not to *not do* things? Well, we’ve talked about busy-ness on this blog before, and we keep returning to it because it’s one of the top, if not the [...]

How to Maintain Your Focus and Intention

Recently it has become more popular to set an intention for your day, or your workout session, or your trip, etc. I love this practice, because articulating your goals ahead of time increases the chances that you will stick to them. But how exactly does that happen? While repeated words and mantras certainly have their [...]

It’s Strong to Ask for Help

I’ve said it before: life often feels like a pie-eating contest where the prize is more pie. The more competent and capable you are, the more you get on your plate. Partly that’s because others around us are so grateful to have a competent and capable person that they give us more to do, and [...]

Stop Celebrating Being “Busy”

A couple months ago, I asked, “Are you really as busy as you think you are?” But, unusually for one of my posts, I didn’t really talk about concrete steps we can take to overcome our misconception that being busy means being productive. Then, Joe Pinsker’s recent article on the same topic triggered the question again: [...]

Combatting News-Related Stress

Last February, yet another study found that Americans - all kinds of Americans - are seriously stressed out about the future of our country. And think of how much has happened just in the last six months! This is NOT a political post. This is a self-care post. My mission is to take you “From [...]

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Know When to Hold Em’, Know When to Fold Em’

Lately it seems like wherever you turn, people are saying just about whatever they want, without a filter, and getting away with it, whether in the personal, business, or even political spheres. For the rest of us who choose to conduct ourselves with at least some dignity, we have to keep it cool, especially in [...]

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