5 Ways to Keep Those Summer Vibes As We Head Into Fall

Did you fall out of your healthy routine this summer? Not to worry, it happens to all of us. To me fall is like the New Year, a new season to look at your current habits and ask yourself: How’s that working for me? With kids back at school and most people back to their [...]

Make an Appointment with Yourself to be Lazy

I’m going to make a counter-intuitive suggestion: make an appointment with yourself to be lazy. What? Aren’t appointments all about setting aside time to *do* things, not to *not do* things? Well, we’ve talked about busy-ness on this blog before, and we keep returning to it because it’s one of the top, if not the [...]

How to Maintain Your Focus and Intention

Recently it has become more popular to set an intention for your day, or your workout session, or your trip, etc. I love this practice, because articulating your goals ahead of time increases the chances that you will stick to them. But how exactly does that happen? While repeated words and mantras certainly have their [...]

It’s Strong to Ask for Help

I’ve said it before: life often feels like a pie-eating contest where the prize is more pie. The more competent and capable you are, the more you get on your plate. Partly that’s because others around us are so grateful to have a competent and capable person that they give us more to do, and [...]

Weekday Breakfast, Solved!

Eating a balanced plate first thing will give you an energy surge to kick off your day STRONG, and help keep those hunger growls in check. As I state in my book Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers, “what you eat for breakfast sets the tone for your entire [...]

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No Excuses: Tips for Keeping a Workout Schedule

I’ve been cheating on you. The truth is, I thought you had to be strict about the way you worked out and when…. that part I still stand by. Where I changed my mind, is that it’s one-size-fits-all and that time is always the morning for everybody. Let me be clear; I still believe in [...]

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Stop Celebrating Being “Busy”

A couple months ago, I asked, “Are you really as busy as you think you are?” But, unusually for one of my posts, I didn’t really talk about concrete steps we can take to overcome our misconception that being busy means being productive. Then, Joe Pinsker’s recent article on the same topic triggered the question again: [...]

If Time is Money, Know When to Cut Your Losses

One of the hardest words to say or hear is often, “No.” As Jason Fried recently noted (click here to read Jason's article), the truth is, often times we do have the time to fulfill a request, but we don’t have the attention, which is in fact a much more limited resource. Jason recounts an [...]

The Stressed to Strong Road Warrior’s Guide to Getting More Sleep

“The most basic shift we can make in redefining success in our lives has to do with our strained relationship to sleep.” Arianna Huffington, The Sleep Revolution   Do you travel for work and feel like you live out of your suitcase? I’ve lived like that for most of my career, allowing my job to [...]

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Are you really as busy as you think you are?

Few facts about present life seem more indisputable than how busy we all seem to be. A December 2015 Gallup poll found that 61 percent of working Americans said they did not have enough time to do the things they wanted to do. Some of us feel this more intensely than others: A 2015 Pew [...]