I help high achievers—people just like you—get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to navigate the challenges of work and life, so that you can succeed at both. I will prove that you no longer have to choose between success with your business, well-being, or success in your personal life. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. You can reach your potential in all areas of your life. This requires that you develop mastery in five areas. Which do you need help with?

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5-Day mini-course taken from Go From Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers. This practical system will help tweak your daily routine, make you more productive, show you how to eat healthier, sleep better, and fit in a workout. Here are my favorite recommendations from my book.

You will discover how to…

  • Stop drifting and create the life you’ve always wanted
  • Go from feeling “overwrought” to “rested” and “unruffled”
  • Shave 10 hours off your workweek while flexing your “No” muscle
  • Create healthy eating habits that work
  • Manage your stress effectively

Gain control over how you manage your
time, sleep, food, fitness, and stress.


laurie a. watkins


Laurie Watkins is an ambitious and accomplished professional, speaker & coach, the Author of Go From Stressed to Strong: Health and Fitness Advice from High Achievers, Founder of, & Creator of popular programs like Command Your Day Now. While working to get President Barack Obama elected in 2008, Laurie came close to burnout. The long hours, lightning speed pace, & demand of the job as political director eventually took its toll on her health. She made small changes, which brought temporary relief, but the problems only followed her to Washington, DC & into her next job at the Pentagon. Falling into the same unhealthy patterns as she did on the campaign trail & fearing disaster, she made the decision to take control of her life.

In 2010, Laurie joined a CrossFit gym, changed her diet, eating habits, sleeping habits, & learned how to efficiently manage her time & stress even while working in a high performing job. In 2012, needing her help once again, Laurie was asked to move to Florida to work on President Obama’s re-election campaign as his policy director. Fearful that all the hard work and progress she made with her health & fitness since the last campaign would be destroyed by the horrendous, and unsustainable schedule, she developed her own program. With a mastery in 5 areas: time-management, sleep, food, fitness, and stress management. This program allowed Laurie to align her professional and personal life, finding her own strength in the face of adversity. Laurie’s belief that being strong isn’t just about being able to get through life’s difficult “campaigns”, it’s also about preparing yourself – both physically and mentally – for the tests that life will put you through – this is the cornerstone of her program.

Her practical, 5-Day mini-course for busy professionals who need a new life system have helped tweak people’s daily routine, and increased support in their career, life, health, and relationships. Get ready to command your day, now.