laurie a. watkins

Political Coach, Author & Speaker who equips candidates with the personal tools and knowledge to clarify and manifest their vision for their time in public office.


laurie a. watkins

Campaign Insider, Author, and Speaker who equips candidates with the personal tools and knowledge to clarify and manifest their vision for their time in public office.

As a campaign insider, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of campaign politics in the American electoral system. I’m here to ensure that your experience, your skills, your values, and your goals are all taken into consideration when helping you take the next step in your career, running for political office.

Because a good coach can
change the game.


laurie a. watkins

“Laurie was one of the valued keynote speakers at our summit. Her inspiring presentation of the key points of “going from stressed to strong” provided clear value and growth opportunities to the full room of participants. Her message was a significant contribution to the conference and a great tie in to the other speakers. Her willingness to connect with the participants and take questions during the breakout was a real bonus to those fortunate enough to participate.”
Alba Melgar-C'DeBaca, COO, VETTED / LTC (R), US Army
“Since the conference, many attendees have come up to me to talk about how much they enjoyed having you speak, in particular your advice on consistency and the power of failure. In fact, most people said that hearing you speak as our keynote was their favorite part of the whole day! I appreciated your honesty about your journey, as well as your obvious passion for empowering women.
Once again, thanks very much for your participation in our summit!”
Sheila Chung, Co-Director, Davis Women in Business
“Serving the American people in one of our Nation’s most demanding environments requires a deep and abiding patriotism. I am grateful for your commitment through long hours and personal sacrifice, and I appreciate your devotion to building a better, brighter future for all Americans.”
President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States
“Laurie is a highly motivated and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of industry, government, and academia. I believe she is an outstanding professional who brings to bear a special set of skills which is very difficult to find in one individual, or even within one organization. She has insights and gifts that surpass her years, a competitive nature and determination that cannot be beat.”
The Honorable Thomas R. Lamont, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower & Reserve Affairs (Ret.)
“I have known Laurie for over fifteen years and through her extensive work in both state and national politics, as well as her outstanding contributions to the space industry and I highly recommend Laurie for her skills and expertise.”
The Honorable Bill Nelson, Former U.S. Senator (FL)

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Command Your Day Now

In 2008, I came close to burnout. The long hours, lightning-speed pace, and the demands of the job as a political director eventually took their toll on my health. Small changes only brought temporary relief, and the problems only followed me to Washington, DC & into my next job at the Pentagon. Fearing disaster, I made the decision to take drastic control of my life, and I want to show you how you can, too.