Our Philosophy is Simple.

When it comes to government, we believe that decision making should be done in the open, in the sunshine, not in the shadows or behind closed doors. Sunshine laws are regulations requiring openness in government or business. Total transparency.

At Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting, trust is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Based on the same basic premise of the Government in the Sunshine Act, enacted in 1976, ‘the people are the only legitimate foundation of power, and should operate with full transparency.’

Government is and should be the servant of the people, and it should be fully accountable to them for the actions which it takes on their behalf. We apply the same values to our clients. We believe in delivering consistent and successful results that are achieved through building true partnerships.


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Public Affairs & Political Campaigns
The most complex and ambitious policy objectives require a public affairs campaign. Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting develops and implements campaigns that engage key individuals, organizations, the media and the public. The campaigns marshal grassroots support for a desired objective, whether it be a legal, legislative, regulatory or administrative outcome. Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting also assists its clients in the electoral process by developing and implementing strategies to support or oppose candidates, issue campaigns and ballot measures. And founder, Laurie A. Watkins is among the most seasoned in Florida politics at producing electoral outcomes through independent expenditures and coordinated campaigns.
Mass Media & Communications
We have established an excellent track record of helping organizations, executives and candidates navigate the toughest of crises by providing a strategic and values-based approach to crisis preparedness. Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting advises corporate leaders and agencies on effective communication, including executive positioning, corporate positioning and brand management. Laurie and her team develop strategies, and seek engagement opportunities to help executives and organizations raise their profiles. We’ve helped organizations, CEOs, public and private sector leaders, and middle managers define, refine and promote their brands using traditional and social media tools.
Fund Development (HIDDEN)
Money matters, but raising it requires a clear, well-thought out strategy that considers your long-and-short-term goals. You need a professional team, experienced with strategic planning, relationship building, political campaign fundraising, prospect donor identification, procurement, events, and capital campaigns. Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting helps clients identify and incorporate their unique competitive advantages into tailored, successful fundraising plans.
Personal and Executive Coaching

You want to be a leader who can effectively navigate your team through change, but you’re wondering if you have what it takes to travel through uncharted waters. You know you have the skills to innovate in business, but leading a team and managing your own career requires so much more than that. We have a deep understanding of how executives can create or destroy value depending on the culture they create both through their words and their actions. We build on the foundation of personal accountability, and work with individuals and executives using a variety of methods to ensure we are tailoring our approach to meet your needs while creating a comprehensive coaching experience. Our process helps leaders, their people, and their teams achieve the insights required to grow and reach their full potential. We work with both individuals and entire organizations to assess, match, and coach your high-growth human capital.

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The intersection of government and business creates opportunities and threats that may not always be clearly visible. Achieving a goal or turning a challenge into an opportunity relies on the capacity to recruit opinion leaders and allies with close connections to decision makes. With professional bench strength, experience, process expertise and relationships with public officials, donors, community and civic leaders, and private sector advocates, we’re able to effectively execute on behalf of our clients. We have solid relationships and are constantly expanding our network with national, state, and local leaders in all sectors – the kind of relationships that lead to success.


Affecting policy in the Florida legislature requires a deep understanding of policy and process. But if you really want to achieve success, you need a consultant that has the political intelligence and deep relationships with policy makers that make it necessary to achieve your desired result. We have extensive political experience including campaign management, fundraising, and advisory roles on numerous state wide and congressional races.

Experience includes decades of time spent working with public officials, candidates, committees, political parties, and business entities with respect to political activities at the federal, state, and local levels. And some of Founder, Laurie A. Watkins’ career highlights include 2 statewide Presidential race wins in the state of Florida in 2008 and 2012 for President Barack Obama.

Veteran & Military Affrs.

As a military spouse and former Army civilian assigned to the Pentagon, Laurie was part of one of the biggest communities in the world. She understands the complex issues that the military and our veteran population face. Our team strongly advocates for policies and funding for the greater military community including active duty, guard and reserve, veterans, retirees, as well as spouses and family members. We work with a number of military associations devoted to serving different segments of the community for lobbying efforts, fraternity and support.

Disaster Response

Crucial to the success of emergency response is the skill and professionalism with which emergency managers communicate vital information to the public, both directly and through the media. In a major disaster, the spotlight of national and even international media attention can suddenly shine on agencies that until then had no budget for sophisticated communications strategies or public relations professionals. Securing public confidence in a government or private sector response to crises is entirely dependent upon how emergency managers are perceived through the prism of communication and the media.
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