How to Achieve Work-Life Balance on GovLoop

OCT 12, 2018
Fulfilling our work responsibilities while maintaining our personal well-being can be a lifelong struggle. But focusing on work at the expense of our health and wellness can lead to burnout, self-destructive habits and mental and physical distress. Managing this balance in high-pressure environments can be challenging and exhausting, but it is crucial to equip ourselves with the right tools to deal with stress in a healthy way.

GovLoop’s recent online training, “Turning Dreams Into Projects and Projects Into Successes,” discussed the importance of achieving a positive work-life balance and holistic well-being. Seikou Mitchell, Federal Account Manager at Aetna, explained details about the federal open enrollment process and drew a powerful connection between our health and work productivity. Laurie Watkins, a professional speaker, life coach and author or Go From Stressed to Strong, shared some best practices on developing good habits to achieve wellness and live up to your body and mind’s full potential.

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