So many of us were able to spend Valentine’s Day in a relatively normal way last year, since the world didn’t really start to shut down until March in a lot of places.

We have had to pivot and recalibrate so much about our lives over the last (almost) year.  This Valentine’s Day is no different.

I have come up with a fun list of gift ideas for everyone on your list.  You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to spread some love this weekend (or ever!).

These gifts can all be done/used safely at home, while social distancing.

The Fitness Fan:

Yoga Mat – For the one who has found a new great way to stay in shape at home, up their yoga mat game with fun patterns and colors.

Water Bottle – Help them stay hydrated while stuck at home or on the road.  Keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with this bottle in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

App subscription – Apps (like Down Dog, linked here), are available for both iOS and Android users.  This particular app is a free download with in-app purchase options.  It is a fantastic option to allow users to easily customize according to their own fitness preferences.  Many people’s local gyms have switched gears to online streaming of classes.  Find out where your sweetie, friend, family, etc. are missing their workouts from and get them a few classes for these winter months at home.

The Food Lover/For the Date Night at Home:

Maine Lobster Meal – Prepare a meal for your king/queen or friends with the sea delivered to your door.  Having delicious Maine lobster is always a good idea.  Enjoyable sides are available too.

KC BBQ Package – Kansas City is on the map these days after that Super Bowl game.  Enjoy some comfort food in the form of BBQ at home.  There are of course plenty of meat and sauce options, but also some vegetarian friendly side dishes for anyone on your list!

Jerky Box – A heart shaped box without chocolate inside, for the one without a sweet tooth.  Send some yummy meat treats!

The Forever Student:

MasterClass – For the one who wants to learn… well, basically anything!  You can gift an annual membership, and the recipient can take classes covering all sorts of topics: languages, cooking, design, business, sports, writing, and so much more!  Learning while stuck at home is a great way to keep the mind sharp and prevent quarantine fatigue.

Book – OK.  So, you can find out what your gift recipient is into and get them a book more tailored to their specific hobbies or interests.  A Promised Land by former President Barack Obama is just one that is on my list to read!

Rosetta Stone – If anyone is hoping to have an epic vacation with a friend or partner after this pandemic is over, help them learn the language of where you want to travel.  This software allows you to learn at your own pace and be confident in real life scenarios using a new language.

The Tech Obsessed:

Google Nest – This device comes in a variety of sizes with different features and functionality but they all include Google Assistant.  A great way to ask a device in your home for information without having to log in to your computer or phone.  They all play music too, which can be great for working from home or to set the mood during date night at home.

Audible – A great gift for the one who walks to clear their head.  Or someone looking to unplug after work instead of turning on the TV.  Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service owned by Amazon.  Users can purchase and stream audiobooks from anywhere they take their phone, which let’s face it, is basically everywhere.

The Homebody:

Blanket – For the couple to snuggle up under, or the single person to keep cozy!  This blanket is so super soft and great for curling up on the couch or in bed with your favorite book or TV show.  It’s also not a bad option to bring to your work from home station on those cold days and hide under in between Zoom meetings.

Robe – This robe is lightweight, absorbent, and totally in style.  It’s perfect to throw on after a shower, after a workout, or just to lounge in.  Perfect for the man or woman in your life, any age, that is staying at home these days.  It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can get yourself one but still knows which one belongs to each of you!

The Couple:

Bucket List Journal – A great gift to do with your significant other.  This journal helps you come up with various adventures and goals you want to accomplish together.  It also comes with questions to help get you on the same page.  A super fun activity to do together while sheltering in place, or simply staying in from the cold weather.

Board Game – This particular game can be played with just one other person or in a group setting.  Get to know your significant other better as you jump into conversations and build deeper connections.  If this game isn’t your style, you can also gift your honey or roommate a classic game to help pass the time.  On that same theme, puzzles or LEGO sets are great activities to take on together these days.

The Teenager/College Student:

Socks – A great way to send a boost of love and confidence to the teen or college student in your life.  These socks come with fun messages on them to remind the recipient of you, and how much you care for them, over and over again.

Heart Shaped Waffle Maker – A fun addition to breakfast, or breakfast for dinner, anywhere, for anyone!  It comes in a variety of colors to match any dorm room, apartment, or chef’s kitchen.

Heart Shaped Noodles – The perfect choice for young chefs to be, or anyone who needs a quick easy meal.  These heart shaped noodles are a fun twist to your typical pasta with butter and cheese that gets your through college, or winter, in general.

The Toddler:

Rock Crayons – A great tool for coloring while home on virtual learning days.  These crayons are fun to look at and use!  They also change color as you use them.

Pajamas – Finding some fun pajamas with the kiddo’s favorite character or color on them is always a great gift.  Parents seem to love to leave their kids in PJs these days (as they should!) so having some extra pairs around never hurts.

Play-Doh – This is a great tool for learning colors, and helps work those little hands to do unlimited fun (and kinda messy) projects!

I’d love to hear from you and how you’re planning to spend your Valentine’s Day this year, or if any of these gifts helped you finish your shopping for the holiday.  Sound off in the comments here on the blog, or head to my social media pages to let me know!