Hello, Strength Seeker!

I wanted to share an exceptionally good moment with you. I got a special package delivered to my door… my book. After two years of joy, sweat, tears, grit, sacrifices – both financial and personal, the day finally arrived and I got to hold this major achievement in my own two hands.

I was working in my home office with my dog, Whiskey Bravo at my feet when the doorbell rang. I accepted the package, knowing exactly what was inside of that manila envelope. As I held the package in my hands (shaking), I quickly realized that I was about to experience this moment alone. There is something hardwired in us (or learned) that seems to focus on what is missing instead of what is present – our inner cynic. My partner Rob was away on business travel, and besides the pup, it was just me alone with my envelope.  I just couldn’t let this moment go unnoticed, as if it were just another Monday afternoon, so I decided to share it with my tribe on social media, because a great life is one regularly marked by celebrations.

Celebration is not just for holidays. Every day is worthy of celebrating. Every moment in life is valuable – whether easy or difficult. Accumulate every great moment and you build a great life. And the fuel for a great life is celebration.

Great news should always be shared, and learning to constantly celebrate life is good news. I originally started this journey with not much more than an idea, and a file full of stories. It was the encouragement and support of those who saw something in me who truly pushed me, giving me confidence that I would in fact get my book published.

If you have a dream, goal, vision, or even a half-baked idea, please don’t be afraid to write it down, and verbalize it with people you trust; whether it be a mentor, friend, partner, colleague, or spiritual advisor. Keeping that brilliance to yourself isn’t going to amount to anything if no one knows about it.

I talk about the importance of finding your support system, and go-to tribe all the time, and I will reiterate it again – don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can’t do everything on your own.. And honestly, who wants to do everything alone?!

Please share this with someone who can benefit from a little motivation and inspiration.

If I can do it, you can do it! Let me know how I can help.

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