ICYMI, check out the Facebook LIVE video and tabata workout I did right from my living room floor earlier this week. Since my schedule couldn’t accommodate the class times at my gym, I pulled a workout directly from my new program Ready | Set | Strong which starts on Sept. 5th (prep week), with Week 1 beginning on Sept. 11th. Sign up today!

This tabata workout (20 sec. of hard work, followed by 10 sec. of rest) can be completed with only 5 minutes of high intensity work and will burn in places like your core, arms, and obliques. As you can see, the types of workouts I provide in my program can be done from the floor of your living room, office, bedroom, hotel room floor, etc.

Check it out and see for yourself!

Tabata Workout:

(20 sec. on, 10 sec. off)

Dumbbell Hip Thrusts

Russian Twists

Renegade Rows



*I recommend using the awesome app. Seconds HIIT Interval Timer.

It’s FREE, so download it now to start getting your sweat on!

**You will also want to make sure you set your phone’s screen settings to portrait orientation lock.