2 Truths and A Lie:

1. Anyone can get Coronavirus.

2. Coronavirus cases are still spiking in many states.

3. You do not need to wear a mask if you are not high risk.

OK, number 3 is the lie. Absolutely, you need to wear a mask even if you are not high risk. I keep coming back to the idea of community care during this time. We all need to look at more than just ourselves.  Even if you are not high risk, you could be near people who are.

I hear people desperate for sports to return.  Have you heard that even if zero fans are present at sporting events, it can take up to 10,000 people to put on the event?  From players, to coaching staff, to travel, team doctors, and more.  All of those people also have family they go home to.  We need to think beyond just ourselves and these athletes, the circle just grows and grows.

Some states may have misrepresented data right now as they are not counting the local prison population in their data reporting on COVID-19.  This is the OPPOSITE of community care. To say we do not need to count people in prisons because they are in some isolated system is absolutely anti-community care.  And let’s not forget about the people who work inside those buildings that leave to go home to their families every day.

Cases are still spiking and on the rise in many places, including my home state of Florida. Just yesterday, the state hit a new single-day record of more than 5,500 confirmed cases.  The surge could continue to rise without restrictions.  Many places in the country are starting to make masks mandatory.  This is a beautiful representation of community care.  No matter who you are or what your risk is, you do not know what the people around you are facing themselves or when they go home.

While the scientific data is all over the place since masks are a relatively new concept for us here the United States, the overwhelming majority of information and data we do have is that wearing a mask can reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Now is the perfect time to educate yourself.  We need leadership coming from those individuals that have been elected to office and those that are in positions of power that will take our community care into consideration.  Vote for people who count all humans, who protect all humans, and who are willing to make tough decisions on behalf of others while prioritizing safety, not what is most popular or that comes with the least amount of resistance. Change takes time, but it starts with courage.

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