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Thank You, for Your Service and Sacrifice

As we enjoy this three-day weekend with family and friends, we are all confronted with ads and retail messages featuring discounts on everything from cars to furniture. I suppose we’ve just become immune to them, and that’s alright. However, for me, and my community, Memorial Day is about thoughtfully honoring those who served our great [...]

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How to Maintain Your Focus and Intention

Recently it has become more popular to set an intention for your day, or your workout session, or your trip, etc. I love this practice, because articulating your goals ahead of time increases the chances that you will stick to them. But how exactly does that happen? While repeated words and mantras certainly have their [...]

Grilled Grapefruit Mint Lime Sparkler

Over the last few years, I’ve become less attracted to alcohol. The effect, taste, and reasons why I drank have all changed. I used to drink for a buzz, and to have fun. I also used to drink simply out of habit. and due to social pressures. Now that my diet, lifestyle, and priorities have [...]

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It’s Strong to Ask for Help

I’ve said it before: life often feels like a pie-eating contest where the prize is more pie. The more competent and capable you are, the more you get on your plate. Partly that’s because others around us are so grateful to have a competent and capable person that they give us more to do, and [...]

#BookstoreStrong Contest | Win a VIP Visit from Laurie!

During the month of May, I'm looking for one lucky winner to personally visit and give him or her a VIP one-on-one coaching session! Entering is so easy. Just purchase the book "Go From Stressed to Strong" at any brick-and-mortar bookstore and post a picture of your receipt to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, tag me [...]

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LIVE Video from Laurie’s Book Tour & Signing, Washington, D.C. {April 19, 2017}

Over the past two weeks, I have traveled to various cities along the east coast promoting my new book Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers. I cannot tell you how much fun I have been having meeting so many new, smiling, and friendly faces. The reception and feedback I've [...]

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Why Your Brain Thinks Sugar is a Schedule II Drug

A lot of us use the word “addiction” pretty loosely, just meaning that we particularly love something or have strong psychological cravings for it. But more and more research is emerging to show that the human brain is hardwired to have a real, chemical addiction or dependency to sugar, in the clinical, not metaphorical sense. [...]

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Weekday Breakfast, Solved!

Eating a balanced plate first thing will give you an energy surge to kick off your day STRONG, and help keep those hunger growls in check. As I state in my book Go from Stressed to Strong: Health & Fitness Advice from High Achievers, “what you eat for breakfast sets the tone for your entire [...]

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No Excuses: Tips for Keeping a Workout Schedule

I’ve been cheating on you. The truth is, I thought you had to be strict about the way you worked out and when…. that part I still stand by. Where I changed my mind, is that it’s one-size-fits-all and that time is always the morning for everybody. Let me be clear; I still believe in [...]

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A Reason to Celebrate

Hello, Strength Seeker! I wanted to share an exceptionally good moment with you. I got a special package delivered to my door... my book. After two years of joy, sweat, tears, grit, sacrifices - both financial and personal, the day finally arrived and I got to hold this major achievement in my own two hands. [...]

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